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APPA is a community-based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the unique parklands encircling the city of Adelaide ...

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2014 Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) Meetings:

* 5pm Thursday 27 March, Colonel Light Room, Adelaide Town Hall
* As at 28 March 2014 the APLA Agenda was not available on Adelaide City Council website.

5pm 24 April, Colonel Light Room, Adelaide Town Hall

See Agendas here.

APLA News Archive
2010 to Feb 2013

can be found here.

Latest: No 37 (2 February 2013) here.

Between meetings:
Adelaide Oval and environs landscape plan and draft Community Land Management Plan

Main Issues:
Man power timetable for Clipsal bump-out; Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy Advisory Group.


2014 Diary Dates

20 April 2014
Adelaide Oval Event Parking Restrictions and
Road Closures: King William Road / Pennington Terrace / War Memorial Drive (West)
See Adelaide City Council Adelaide Oval Event Parking Controls (published March 2014) here.
See Adelaide City Council Adelaide Oval Event Parking Plan Maps here.

Dates for Adelaide Oval 2014 AFL Season Event Parking Restrictions and Road Closures:
20, 27 April; 3, 10, 15, 24 May; 1, 7, 14, 21, 29 June; 5, 11, 20 July; 2, 9, 16 August; Elimination Final TBA; Qualifying Final TBA; Preliminary Final TBA.

See Adelaide City Council Adelaide Oval 2014 AFL Season Event Parking Restriction Timetable here.

Dates of Other Events: TBA

Sunday 6 April 2014
Tom O'Callaghan 'Eastern Rosella' wins $1,000 Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize People's Choice

For the overall winner and highly commended finalists see Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize Exhibition

18 June 2014
Official end of Adelaide City Council's lease of the City Skate Park site (North Terrace Park Lands, west of the Morphett Street bridge)

Survey on Attitudes to Corruption, Misconduct and Maladministration in Local Government
What do you think about corruption in South Australia?

A team of independent researchers at the University of Adelaide has been asked by the Local Government Association of South Australia to conduct a survey on current attitudes towards corruption, misconduct and maladministration in local government.Corruption, misconduct and maladministration in government are serious issues.
Click here to go to the website and start the survey.

Victoria Square Update

  • North central section of Victoria Square reopened (some ongoing partial closures for paving and lawn establishment)
  • Southern central section still closed
  • Queen Victoria Statue moved to north side of the central Grote-Wakefield roadway. Queen Victoria Statue relocation, see here.
  • Three Rivers Fountain moved to the southern end of Victoria Square; re-erected, but fountain not yet operating.

Park Watch

13 Feb 2014
State Government establishes Riverbank Authority - a statutory corporation for Park Lands area from Park Tce (Bowden) to Mann Tce / Hackney Rd, including the entire River Torrens valley from North Tce / Botanic Road to War Memorial Drive, Montefiore Hill, Pennington Terrace, Mackinnon Parade.

See Greater Riverbank Precint, 'Adelaide's Great Park',
here, and the 'Grand Vision' here.

See announcement 24 June 2013
'New vision to make Adelaide's Riverbank one of the great city parks', (RenewalSA, formerly Land Management Corporation) here.

Adelaide Park Lands an historic
public walk

See Park Lands News June 2005 Number 19, pages 6-7 here for an article explaining why William Light dedicated the Adelaide Park Lands as open space, or find the extract here.

Debunking the 'Military Theory'

See Park Lands News June 2008 Number 31, page 9 here for Kyle Penick's article, Debunking the 'Military Theory', or find the extract here.

"Over the years, numerous sources have suggested or repeated the idea that because Colonel Light had a military background the Park Lands may have been created as a defensive perimeter.

"Typically, this myth refers to the Park Lands as being a 'cannon shot wide'.

"The originator of this fabrication is unknown but it may have started in 1838 when a letter to the editors of the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register signed X Q Z, was published. It stated:

    '... but no doubt the Surveyor General, having been a military man, has intimated to the Resident Commissioner the necessity of having sufficient space all around the town for a double line of moats, glacis, redoubts, bastions &c &c'.
"Noted geographer Charles Fenner dismissed this theory in 1931 ... A number of factors show the theory is false.
  • A. Range of Cannon in 1837
    The Park Lands were surveyed to be 30 chains wide or 660 yards in most places. At the 1781 Battle of Yorktown in the American War of Independence, mobile field artillery had a range over one mile ... by 1813 the range had increased to two miles.

  • B. Congreve Rockets
    These were designed by the British in 1804 ... by 1815 they had a range of up to two miles and came with explosive, incendiary or schrapnel warheads.

  • C. The Hospital
    The width of the Park Lands narrows at this location, meaning the hospital could be subjected to small arms fire in an engagement. If Light was planning a defensive perimeter he would not have placed structures on it or sited the hospital in such a vulnerable position.

  • D. Trees
    Efforts were made to retain the trees on the Park Lands ... [a] defensive perimeter would have been clear felled so as not to provide cover."


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