• Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and Management Act 2011 and commercial threats posed by State Government, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority, AFL, SANFL and SkyCity Casino;
  • Cirque du Soleil 10 yr and 2012 "Ovo" proposal for bitumisation, and commercial use, of Park 24, West Park Lands
    • Adelaide Park Lands;
    • archaeological sites;
    • 1889 Arbor Day plantings;
    • Elm Carriage Drive;
    • Significant Trees;
    • Remnant native vegetation;
  • FLOOD MITIGATION WORKS – South Park Lands enhancement or exploitation?
  • ADELAIDE BOWLING CLUB – keep it a bowling club, not a pokies function venue;
  • BRITANNIA ROUNDABOUT redevelopment – no grab for Park Lands;
  • LAND GRABS – Adelaide Oval, Oval No.2, Creswell Garden, Pennington Garden West, Light's Vision, railway yards west of Morphett Street bridge;
  • destruction of biological diversity and unsustainable development.

Above: Victoria Park, in the south-east part of the Adelaide Park Lands, has been used for horse racing 1847–2008. The park remains unfenced, despite many attempts over the years, and is a beautiful open space. It is annually marred by motor racing, for which large temporary stands are erected, as visible in this 2001 photograph.

See also www.secra.asn.au for the views of Adelaide’s South East City Residents’ Association on local issues.

Make a difference
APPA is not alone in fighting for the Park Lands!
Use the contacts below to make your opinion about the Park Lands known. Please read the Eminent Persons Statement here before contacting.

The Premier, The Hon Jay Weatherill MP
GPO Box 2343 Adelaide SA 5001

The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Stephen Yarwood
Adelaide Town Hall
GPO Box 2252 Adelaide SA 5001
Mobile: 0400 000 944

Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure. Office of Major Projects and Infrastructure.
136 North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000

Adelaide Park Lands Authority Members:
Presiding member:
Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood
Mobile: 0400 000 944

State Government nominees:
Mary Marsland (Deputy Presiding Member)
Frank Blevins
Jane Chapman
Gunta Groves
Dr Anne Sharp

Adelaide City Council nominees:
Councillor Michael Henningsen
Mobile: 0488 040 898 Tel: 8267 8222

Councillor Anne Moran
Mobile: 0417 801 568

Councillor David Plumridge AM
Mobile: 0417 088 992

Councillor Tony Williamson
Mobile: 0411 180 780

Contact at:
Adelaide Park Lands Authority
Adelaide City Council
GPO Box 2252 Adelaide SA 5001

Adelaide City Council councillors, as named below. You may send to their individual addresses, as listed, or send to all councillors at:
Adelaide City Council
GPO Box 2252 Adelaide SA 5001

(Central Ward) Councillor Houssam ABIAD
Mobile: 0400 791 118

(Central Ward) Councillor Megan HENDER
Mobile: 0401 147 176

(North Ward) Councillor Sue CLEARIHAN
73 Archer St, North Adelaide SA 5006
Mobile: 0400 090 079 Tel: 8267 5541


(North Ward) Councillor Sandy WILKINSON
Mobile: 0488 954 553

(South Ward) Councillor Michael HENNINGSEN
Mobile: 0488 040 898 Tel: 8267 8222

(South Ward) Councillor Tony WILLIAMSON
Mobile: 0411 180 780

Councillor Mark HAMILTON (Area)
Mobile: 0488 552 883

Councillor Michael LLEWELLYN-SMITH (Area)
Mobile: 0409 709 034

Councillor Natasha MALANI (Area)
Mobile: 0429 119 047


Councillor Anne MORAN (Area)
59 Mills Tce, North Adelaide SA 5006
Mobile: 0417 801 568

Councillor David PLUMRIDGE AM (Area)
32 Dukes Lane, Adelaide SA 5000
Mobile: 0417 088 992




Cirque du Soleil, of Montreal, Canada:
Cirque du Soleil propose to fund bitumisation of an hectare of the West Park Lands (Park 24, north of Sir Donald Bradman Drive), hard surfacing of an additional hectare (road-base), and want car parking for up to 700 vehicles.

Adelaide City Council Cirque du Soleil Community Consultation closing 5pm 21 June 2012 here.
Say "NO" to commercial exploitation of the Park Lands by Cirque du Soleil, through the Adelaide City Council Information and Feedback Form here.
See the site map here.

Adelaide Oval, Oval No.2, Light's Vision, Creswell Garden, and Pennington Garden West, are now being coveted by the Labor Government in addition to alienated Park Lands west of the Morphett Street Bridge being misappropriated for a new commercial hospital project, and Federally-funded SA Health and Medical Research Institute.

After demolishing Adelaide Oval’s State Heritage listed George Giffen, Edwin Smith and Mostyn Evans stands the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) wants a tax-payer funded bailout to pay off its multi-million dollar debt and expand Adelaide Oval’s capacity to accomodate a corporate commercial Stadium Management Authority, the AFL and SANFL, all of whom intend to convert surrounding Park Lands into an all-weather all-year carpark.

A SACA Special General Meeting was held on Monday 2 May 2011, to approve constitutional amendments here, and the State Government subsequently tabled its infamous Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and Management Bill 2011 in the South Australian Parliament. The Bill seeks to grab Adelaide Oval and the surrounding Park Lands.

Let your State Member of Parliament in the House of Assembly here, Members of the Legislative Council here, Members of the Australian Parliament House of Representatives here and Senators here, and the Adelaide City Council here know that these land grabs and land grabbing legislation are not on!

NEW THREAT: Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and Management Bill 2011

As the proponent of Major Developments in the Park Lands the Government is presiding over the greatest abuse of the Park Lands in the state's history.
On 18 May 2011 the Government tabled the disgraceful Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and Management Bill 2011 (here) in the House of Assembly.
See the Hansard for the Second Reading Speech here.

Adelaide Park Lands Authority opposes Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and Management Bill
At a Special Meeting on Thursday 26 May 2011 the Adelaide Park Lands Authority called on the State Government to withdraw its proposed Adelaide Oval legislation, objecting to the Bill's purpose of permitting "unfettered commercial development to the detriment of the Park Lands", see the Adelaide Park Lands Authority's Adelaide Oval Media Release here, and APLA Board Member Gunta Groves' 'News from the Adelaide Park Lands Authority No.17' here.

Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association opposes Adelaide Oval Bill
See the Park Lands News June 2011 with a 'McAdelaide Stadium' article here (PDF 1.13MB, see pages 4,5,10).

This latest Government attack seeks to:

  • grab Park Lands by vesting in the Minister an 'Adelaide Oval Core Area', comprising Adelaide Oval, parts of Creswell Garden and Pennington Garden West, the southern carpark on War Memorial Drive, and a piece of Park Lands on the northern boundary of Adelaide Oval;
  • authorise the Minister to grant a lease of up to 80 years to the Adelaide Oval SMA Limited;
  • set aside the Development Act 1993 and Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005, by granting blanket pre-approval for any development within the Adelaide Oval Core Area, including in parts of Creswell Garden and Pennington Garden West;
  • force the Adelaide City Council to grant a licence to the Minister for an 'Adelaide Oval Licence Area' comprising all of the Park Lands bounded by King William Rd, Pennington Tce, Montefiore, and War Memorial Drive (excluding the 'Adelaide Oval Core Area', Next Generation and Memorial Drive Tennis Club);
  • authorise the Minister, or any person authorised by the Minister, to carry out works on the Park Lands subject to the licence, including excavation, changing the form of the land, and forming paths and access roads;
  • authorise the Minister to use the 'Adelaide Oval Licence Area' for car parking, access, any other ancillary use including providing 'facilities' for playing sport and and other activity authorised by regulation; and
  • set aside the Local Government Act 1999 and Community Land Management Plan and remove mandatory requirements for public consultation and lease and licence time limits.

NEW THREAT: Victoria Park
Broad–Acre Land Clearance

Adelaide City Council's decision, on 27 April 2011, to award a construction contract for new exotic turf sports pitches that require mulching, maceration and composting of thousands of Victoria Park's remnant native plants.

Victoria Square Masterplan not kosher
On 10 May 2010 a new draft masterplan for the redevelopment of Victoria Square was made public for consultation. A PDF of APPA's submission is available here.

Victoria Park was UNDER ATTACK!


Protesters at SAJC headquarters.

The South Australian Jockey Club (SAJC) Board convinced a majority of its members to:

(1) SELL CHELTENHAM RACECOURSE – an enormous open space in Adelaide’s western suburbs – and use part of the very substantial proceeds from subdivision and development to

APPA supported the strong resistance by local Cheltenham residents to the sale of Cheltenham, because without the sale proceeds the SAJC could not afford to vandalise Victoria Park. APPA ran a strong campaign against this outrageous Victoria Park proposal by the SAJC and Motor Sport boards.

APPA accepted horse racing in Victoria Park, in its 'picnic' format; we also accepted the idea of continuation of horse racing there on a revised track; but we will never support the entrenchment of motor racing within our Park Lands, and we will never support multi-storey buildings in the Park Lands’ precious open space.

In July 2006, the State Government decided to enable the sale of Cheltenham. At an APPA public meeting on 20 March 2007, almost 300 people voted unanimously for the following resolutions:
This meeting supports the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association (APPA) in its fight against this proposed permanent multifunction complex in Victoria Park.
2. This meeting calls on Premier Rann to withdraw his government’s plans for the development of Victoria Park and to assure us of his government’s continued commitment to the preservation of Adelaide’s Park Lands.
3. This meeting calls on the Lord Mayor and the City Council to oppose the construction of the proposed permanent multifunction complex in Victoria Park and requests that the City Council not grant a lease to the Government for the construction of this building.

The Adelaide City Council conducted a public consultation on a lease proposal. The state government was the author of the lease and the lessee! The granting of a lease by the ACC would have triggered the go-ahead for the building in Victoria Park. The government would have sublet to the SAJC, the SAMSB and anyone else, including any government body or department that wanted to use Victoria Park. Subleases are not subject to scrutiny by the ACC.

The consultation ended 12 October 2007. Of the 766 responses received, more than 90 per cent were against the development and the granting of a lease.

If you would like to know what the candidates for the 2007 ACC elections thought about the Park Lands, download our survey results here. You will be surprised!

Corrections and updates:
1. Jeffrey Wheare, after reconsideration, ticked 'yes' to questions 5 and 7 in the survey.
2. Bernadette Mc Alary returned answers to the questionnaire, but after results were compiled.
3. Sharon Mosler gets an unreserved apology for a misinterpretation: her 10-year vision included 'sports club houses surrounded by trees and shrubs'.

ACC results give the State Government no room to move
President of the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Assoc Inc in 2007, Mr Jim Daly, said the Adelaide City Council election results sent a clear message to the State Government that there should be no commercial development in Victoria Park.

Prior to the election, ACC candidates were surveyed by APPA to reveal their attitudes to the proposed complex in Victoria Park. Thirty-two of the 44 candidates responded to the survey. Of those 32 respondents, 21 said they were against the so-called 'grandstand' in Victoria Park.

Nine of the 12 newly elected members of the ACC said that, if elected, they would not support the State Government’s corporate entertainment complex for commercial motor racing and horse racing interests at Victoria Park.

Only Lord Mayor Harbison and Richard Hayward still supported the proposal, according to the survey results. Francis Wong did not respond to the APPA survey.

Mr Daly called on Premier Rann to honour his 2002 and 2006 election promises to protect the Adelaide Park Lands from permanent commercial developments, and to return to Labor’s pledge to seek State, National and World Heritage listing for Adelaide’s unique greenbelt.

Mr Daly said: 'The Government should accept and acknowledge what is a categorical and a fully democratic rejection of the Victoria Park development proposal and allow the elected councillors to carry on the business of the ACC for the benefit of residents, business and all South Australians'.

On 6 December 2007, the State Government said it would no longer push for a permanent corporate facility but would replace existing temporary facilities for motor racing with new temporary facilities, but at the same time emphasising the supposed extra cost and time of building and dismantling. On 29 February 2008, the SAJC announced it was vacating Victoria Park and building a second track at Morphettville.

We'll keep you updated here
as events unfold.

Victoria Park in the clutches of motor sport. Below, Victoria Park in a more normal state, albeit still marred by tarmac tracks.

Meanwhile, back at the
Adelaide City Council
The Council has been preparing a Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) for Victoria Park, to establish future directions of development. CLMPs indicate both desirable and undesirable courses of action, and thus to some extent they will govern the scope of Council policy for an area. They certainly give a clear indication of Council’s vision for an area. See Council’s website for further information on CLMPs and public consultations on CLMPs.

By the way: did you know that Adelaide City councillors sit on the SA Motor Sports Board? The current ACC representatives are (Area) Councillor Natasha Malani and (South Ward) Councillor Tony Williamson. In APPA’s opinion, those councillors have a clear conflict of interest in certain situations. They should not take part in decision making where they have this conflict of interest.
APPA's position was vindicated by District Court Judge Barrett who declared on 11 April 2008 that then SA Motor Sport Board Members Councillors Moran and Hayward did have a conflict of interest in 2007 and should not have voted on matters affecting the proposed corporate facility in Victoria Park.


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