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 Our Park Lands need your appreciation, not only to improve them today but to preserve them for tomorrow.

For Future Generations

APPA is a community-based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the unique parklands encircling the city of Adelaide ....

State, national and world heritage listing.
State government legislation.
Adelaide City Councilís Park Lands management policies and practices.
Transparency of all Park Lands administration.
Restoration of alienated Park Lands to open space.
Improvement of Park Lands biodiversity.
Management of the Park Lands environment, including Torrens Lake and significant trees.
Impact of major events, parking and other commercial intrusions.
Research and education: historical (people, places, events) and comparative (other parks and policies).

How you can help
By becoming a member of APPA you make it a stronger voice for the Park Lands. As a new member you receive an information kit welcoming you to APPA.
APPA invites your assistance in contributing newsletter articles and submissions, and helping with publicity, fundraising and other member activities. Fill in the application form today.
Your membership will assist APPA to preserve Adelaide's unique Park Lands.


      Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese addressing the 'Save Rymill Park Picnic Rally'on Sun 31st May

'Save Rymill Park Picnic Rally'
The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association shares the Government's desire to encourage usage of public transport and welcomes the success, over recent years, of the O-Bahn system. However, APPA objects to the Government's:

  • very short, misleading, and essentially sham consultation process which has fostered a mistaken public belief that its proposed project involves a tunnel underneath Rymill Park; exclusively for O-Bahn buses; and
  • efforts to link return of 3,000m2 of Park Lands to new alienation of Park Lands. The land proposed for return could be returned to Park Lands regardless of whether the O-Bahn City Access Project goes ahead or not.

APPA believes the Government's proposal is over-reaching, in that instead of just prioritising O-Bahn buses, the Government wants to prioritise all vehicular traffic with a ground-level highway that would cut a broad swathe through one of the most popular parts of Adelaide's National Heritage-listed Park Lands.

That's why APPA co-sponsored the 'Save Rymill Park Picnic Rally' on Sunday 31 May.
Read more about the Picnic Rally here.
Read more about the O-Bahn City access project here.


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