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 Our Park Lands need your appreciation, not only to improve them today but to preserve them for tomorrow.

For Future Generations

APPA is a community-based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the unique parklands encircling the city of Adelaide ....

State, national and world heritage listing.
State government legislation.
Adelaide City Council’s Park Lands management policies and practices.
Transparency of all Park Lands administration.
Restoration of alienated Park Lands to open space.
Improvement of Park Lands biodiversity.
Management of the Park Lands environment, including Torrens Lake and significant trees.
Impact of major events, parking and other commercial intrusions.
Research and education: historical (people, places, events) and comparative (other parks and policies).

How you can help
By becoming a member of APPA you make it a stronger voice for the Park Lands. As a new member you receive an information kit welcoming you to APPA.
APPA invites your assistance in contributing newsletter articles and submissions, and helping with publicity, fundraising and other member activities. Fill in the application form today.
Your membership will assist APPA to preserve Adelaide's unique Park Lands.

A never-ending battle

The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association Inc (APPA) was founded in 1987 as a non-profit community based ‘watchdog’ to guard Adelaide’s greatest treasure: the unique open spaces of its Park Lands, which include the city squares.
APPA has proven effective in this role, offering a focal point through which all South Australians can participate in the preservation and restoration of Colonel Light’s visionary gift. Historically, the Park Lands have been an irresistible temptation to our city and state governments, which have, in places, alienated and despoiled the land. Issues of commercialisation, secrecy and loss of public access have always been a problem, and they remain so today despite the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 and National Heritage listing.
APPA monitors government planning and actions, and does not hesitate to speak out on behalf of all South Australians when the Park Lands are at risk. It is a constant battle to prevent the creeping loss of open space to buildings, fences and bitumen.                          


      Park Lands Art Prize

Adelaide Park Lands are of world significance
The Adelaide Park Lands have now achieved National Heritage Listing.
They have been on the National Estate list since 1985. However, APPA advocates also State and World Heritage listing for the Adelaide Park Lands which still are vulnerable. As a cultural world heritage site, the Park Lands would be afforded maximum protection from despoliation, and be internationally acknowledged for:

being a key feature of Colonel Light’s plan for Adelaide, acclaimed as a masterpiece since early settlement
their influence in the history and development of modern town planning
their unique encirclement of the city, on a scale not seen elsewhere.

The Park Lands would remain locally controlled under World Heritage listing, but with the assurance that future generations can enjoy their quiet havens and open spaces.
Colonel Light could have no greater tribute, nor Adelaide a greater honour, than World Heritage listing of the Park Lands.


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